Lease, swap, buy – all in 1 monthly rate

Lease Flex provides affordable long-term rentals with the possibility of purchase on excellent terms, at any time during the contractual period. The monthly rates are fixed for the whole period with no additional taxes or interest rates. This program allows you to choose any type of used vehicle from the Hertz Fleet, available within maximum 48 hours. Moreover, you can swap vehicles at any time, or even upgrade.

Contract period

Lease Flex provides the option of shorter contract periods than other standard operational leasing programs. Choose anywhere between 2 and 3 years of lease, or even go for 1 year.

Vehicle swap

For no additional fees, you can change the vehicle with a similar model two times during the rental period, depending on availability.

Vehicle upgrade

With an additional 2% fee of the initial monthly rate, you can upgrade your leased vehicle at any time.

Buy-out option

The leased vehicle can be purchased at a pre-agreed price at any time during the contract period.

Fast-track financing

The fast-track financial analysis of your company’s performance implies just a few documents, and allows you to pick-up the vehicle within 48 hrs of acceptance.

Fixed monthly rate

The monthly rate remains the same for the entire contractual period, no additional taxes or interest rates are applied.

Initial deposit

Depending on the financial performance of the company, an initial deposit of two monthly rates may be applied.

Flex Lease Services:

  • Maintenance, repairs and ITP
  • Tire management
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Road assistance 24/7
  • Road and annual taxes
  • Insurance, fire and theft coverage


For more information contact a Hertz consultant at +40 021 407 8200 or reach us by e-mail at sales@hertz.ro

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