Lease Saver Offers

The Lease Saver program offers financial flexibility for increased mobility and cost optimization. This second-hand operational leasing offer includes the latest models for affordable monthly rates, with 0 deposit, and the same benefits included in operating lease Programs.

The two monthly rates guarantee is fully refundable, and the contract period may be adjusted.

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Rates include:
  • Insurances, ITP and vignette
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Tire management
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Annual and pollution taxes
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  • Fuel {{fleetItem.Fuel}}
  • Fuel consumption {{fleetItem.Consumption}} lt/100km
  • Emissions {{fleetItem.Emissions}} gr/km
  • {{fleetItem.RetailPriceBeforeTaxes}} Retail Price Before Taxes
{{ fleetItem.PricePer1Year }}/ for 1 year
VAT not included
{{ fleetItem.PricePer2Years }}/ for 2 years
VAT not included
{{ fleetItem.PricePer3Years }}/ for 3 years
VAT not included
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