Lease Flex Offers

Lease Flex provides affordable long-term rentals with the possibility of purchase on excellent terms, at any time during the contractual period. The monthly rates are fixed for the whole period with no additional taxes or interest rates. This program allows you to choose any type of used vehicle from the Hertz Fleet, available within maximum 48 hours. Moreover, you can swap vehicles at any time, or even upgrade.

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Rates include:
  • Maintenance, repairs and ITP
  • Tire management
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Road assistance 24/7
  • Road and annual taxes
  • Insurance, fire and theft coverage
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  • Fuel {{fleetItem.Fuel}}
  • Fuel consumption {{fleetItem.Consumption}} lt/100km
  • Emissions {{fleetItem.Emissions}} gr/km
  • {{fleetItem.RetailPriceBeforeTaxes}} Retail Price Before Taxes
{{ fleetItem.PricePer1Year }}/ for 1 year
VAT not included
{{ fleetItem.PricePer2Years }}/ for 2 years
VAT not included
{{ fleetItem.PricePer3Years }}/ for 3 years
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